Product Guide

In our Doll House and Miniature product guide, a must read section before : Buying a Doll House;  Doll House lighting; Doll House external decoration and Doll House interior decoration.

Buying a Doll House
The Doll House hobby is a great pass time bringing enthusiasm and passion that spans all ages.When you buy a Doll House you are creating a Family Heirloom that will be enjoyed by many generations to come creating your own world in miniature. One of the most important things about buying a Doll House is choosing the right one for you. Doll Houses are available in many shapes, styles and sizes. The most popular Doll House size is 1:12 scale, or one inch equals one foot. Doll Houses are made mostly from 9mm thick MDF and are made from Computer Numerical Machines (CNC) giving you the best quality Doll House with it's precision cut detail.

Collectable Doll Houses are normally based on a particular period in time, the most popular being : Tudor; Georgian; Victorian; Edwardian and Present Day. Once you have decided on your Period style of Doll House the next thing to consider is size. Sizes available range from the smaller table top House to the larger floor standing. Most Doll Houses will have the option of adding basements giving you more rooms to decorate!.

Doll House Lighting

In store we can offer you a lighting service,  we will install all yours lights and power points for you. When we do your lighting we use copper tape on the back of your Dolls House. All you have to do is choose your lights and let us do the rest. Give us a call on 01324 622875 or email us at telling us the number of rooms you have in your Dolls House and we will work out a price for you.

Our prices start from £5.00 per powerpoint.

  Light, 12 volt transformer, bar and copper tape, components used for Dolls House lighting.

Adding lights to your Doll house will bring it to life. The more lights you add the more enchanting it becomes. All Doll House lights already have two thin flat wires attached with a small two pin plug and are 12v. This plug will need to be removed to enable the thin wire to pass through the back wall of your Doll House.

When doing your Doll House lighting the important thing to remember is how it works. There is always three parts to your lighting.

1. Circuit - either by using copper tape or plugs and sockets.
2. Lights of your choice.
3. 12v suitable transformer.

You have to decide on your lights, either wall or ceiling or both for your lighting. Wall lights are easy as all you need to do is drill in position a small hole for the thin wire to go through to the back of you House. Ceiling lights you need to make a small hole in the ceiling and take your thin  wire along the floor above and out to the back wall. It is advisable to make a small channel for your wire to fit in. Your flooring will cover this when decorating.

Once you have all your wires to the back of your Doll House you need to choose to use either copper tape or plugs and sockets.

1(a). Copper tape - Is a flat self adhesive copper tape that comes in a roll. Once your wires are at the back of your Doll House all you need to do is run two parallel lines of copper tape as close to your wires as possible. Each light has a thin positive and negative wire attached to you light. Carefully split into the two wires by gently pulling apart and then solder one wire on to each run of copper tape. Extend the copper tape runs to the base of your Doll House and either drill and solder two small grommets in position or solder at the base of the copper tape a small socket block. Both of these options will then take your 12v transformer connection.

1(b). Plugs and sockets - Just as in the copper tape method once your wires are at the back of your Doll house all you need to do is connect your little plugs back onto the thin flat wire by feeding the wire through the plug and bending the two thin wires back into the two holes before replacing the two brass pins. Position your socket bar centrally on the back of your Doll House. You are now ready to plug your lights into your socket bar. You can now connect the socket strip to your 12v suitable transformer.

3. Transformer - The important thing to remember when buying a transformer is Doll House lights work on the amount of bulbs used and not the amount of lights. Therefore it is important to buy the right sized transformer for the amount of bulbs used. If you exceed the recommended number of bulbs indicated in the description of the transformer, it is designed to safely cut out.

Doll House external decoration

The good thing about MDF kit Doll Houses is the great surface you get for decorating on. Use a good quality silk emulsion if painting the exterior of your house. Most sections can be painted prior to building making sure no paint is used near groves. No paint should be used on parts to be glued. There are many textures, brick and stone effects that can also be used. If using textures then it is recommended to build your Doll House first before adding texture. Roofing is best applied after your House is Built. Have a look at our card board roofing strips!.

Doll House interior decoration

If possible work out which parts are your ceilings and paint with a good quality silk emulsion before constructing you Doll House, making sure you do not paint in any groves. Wallpaper should be applied using good quality wall paper paste. Paste on the wallpaper as well as your Doll House walls and it will give you a bit of slide movement when lining up your paper.